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What Makes a Good Photo?

What Makes a Good Photo?

1. Good quality resolution at least 100KB Plus - use a camera or a good quality phone (don’t reverse the camera as this reduces the quality of the shot).

2. Colour – black and white shots can be supplied for your portfolio shots.

3. Please look to camera and smile! - You can send some alternative more dramatic looks to us for your portfolio shots, but we must have at least one smiling commercial style shot.

4. Don’t crop off the top of your head!

What should I wear?

• Its best to wear solid colours, avoid crazy patterns, large logos and trend clothing.

• Make sure your outfit is not too baggy so we can clearly see your body shape and frame.

• Don’t wear anything too formal or too revealing.

• AVOID: Don’t wear a hat, sunnies, fascinator in your hair, excess jewellery, no face paint or food on kids face or anything else that may impact a client’s ability to see what you look like.

How you should I do my hair and make-up?

• Please style your hair the way you would naturally wear it. For women and girl’s hair out is best, but feel free to send us additional photos with the hair up.

• Don’t over-style as you may be expected to attend a casting and you want to look as similar as you can to your headshots.

• Very natural makeup please, no bright lip colours heavy eye shadow etc.

• Guys please have your facial hair as you most often wear it. If you flip between stubble and clean shaven send us an example of both.

What types of photos do I need?

1. Close up head shot- must be in colour

Head Shot Example Infant Head Shot Child

Head Shot Adult

2. Mid shot- include head to waist

Mid shot child Mid shot female

Mid sholt older

3. Full length shot- it can crop off just below the knees but must give us a good reference to your frame

full length child full length male

Full Length

4. Hand Shots (NOT ESSENTIAL)- If you are interested in hand modelling please take close ups of your hands palm up and down along with some shots holding or doing something with your hands. Please email these photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you have registered.

Hands Palm Down Palms Up

Hand model action

5. Portfolio Shots (NOT ESSENTIAL)- you can email us as many additional portfolio shots as you like. The more shots we have, the better. These shots help demonstrate your skill level and can also be added onto your portfolio section of the site. Please email these photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you have registered.

portfolio kids portfolio B and W

Hand Modelling


What photos will not be accepted?



• NO GROUP SHOTS WITH OTHER PEOPLE – unless they are family members registered with us 

• DARK SHOTS- where we can’t see what you look like 

• OLD SHOTS – shots that are more than 12 months old for adults, or more than 6 months old for kids will not be accepted. It’s crucial we have shots that show exactly what you look like today, your hair, beard, teeth etc.

• NO INAPPROPRIATE SHOTS- please dress your age, no heavy makeup, don’t use over sexualised shots/outfits.


These types of shots will limit your ability to get work as clients are not able to see what you look like. If you make an effort to follow our tips you are more likely to be shortlisted by a client for a shoot. Your shots don't need to be professional, but if you would like a recommendation on a professional photographer let us know.

Check out our facebook page where we upload images from recent shoots our models have been involved in.